The Fashion trends of 2020

2020 is far from over, but let’s take a look at the 5 most prominent fashion trends for this year!

Puff sleeves

The common thread throughout the fashion trends of 2020 seems to be the return of the past and puff sleeves are no exception! It goes without saying that the common phrase “less is more” doesn’t apply here because puff sleeves are all about volume. Puff sleeves can be used to give your outfit that extra special touch it needs, but what’s great about puff sleeves is that they are not restricted to one type of clothing piece. Instead, you can combine it with shirts, blouses, jumpers, dresses, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

Polka dots

Speaking of blasts from the past, another recurring trend are the polka dots. Polka dots first made their entrance in the fashion world in the 1920s and since then, they have made an appearance at least once in every decade. Thus, polka dots are loved by many people and never really go out of style. However, sometimes it can be hard to know how to assemble the perfect polka dot outfit. When in doubt, combine them with denim because that’s a combination that has never disappointed in the history of fashion!

Animal print

Admittedly, animal print has been very present in the fashion world for several years now, and this year again, the animal print is here to stay! The reason for its popularity is the ability to give a great accent to every outfit. It’s both casual and classy, so you can basically wear it to any type of occasion, it’s always a valuable option worth considering! From snake to leopard, there are all kinds of animal print and thus there genuinely is something for everyone.

Suits for women

It’s 2020 so the time for change has come! This reflects in this next fashion trend, namely suits for women. The traditional gender roles are changing and it’s no longer the case that suits are only available for men. Thus, this trend is more than just a fashion trend, it’s a true fashion statement and we have powerful women such as Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Cara Delevigne to thank for that. There are suits available in every single color known to man so they are very easy to combine with other accessories. The best part about this trend, though, is the ability to really experiment with different kinds of suits to find your own personal style!

Bucket hats

If you’re looking for accessories to complete your outfit, the bucket hat may be just the thing you need! The assortment is truly varied so they are available in almost all shapes and sizes. Bucket hats don’t discriminate in gender, so both men and women(and everyone in between) can wear them and really make them their own. It’s hard to imagine bucket hats were only used by traditional fishermen back in the days because as a trend, it has really left its mark on the fashion world!

5 times that the fashion or beauty industry went too far

Brands from the fashion and beauty industry have been modestly known for varying controversies. It is not clear if the decisions come extensively from poor judgment or are created intentionally to create hype for their brand and products by introducing a “shock factor”. Whatever may it be, they often go beyond the limits. Let us look through a few examples when the fashion industry went too far to get an edgy product publicized and generate huge sales, but met failure in doing so.


This brand is pretty well known for the clothing ranges it brings out based on designs inspired by professionals. But it was in 2014 that Zara overdid something. They brought in an outfit that they claimed to be supposedly inspired by the Sheriff designed with a yellow star and horizontal stripes on it. The issues turned hot particularly for a children’s top that reminded of a garment that the Jews wore during holocaust to a great extent. The company took immediate steps to remove the product from the catalogue and even appealed for public apologies.

Forever 21

This American brand has triggered the fire among the customers with a controversial slogan bandwagon. It may be trial to keep up the pace with the hipsters, but that is no excuse that the market will accept. Forever 21 brought in a T-shirt for men that were emblazoned with a phrase convicted with undertones of rape justification. on’t Say Maybe If You Want to Say No’ read the quote on the T-shirt and it was welcomes with quite an outrage. But it was not surprise. Forced by the complaints of the customers, the company had to pull the T-shirt back from the website.

Urban Outfitters

This brand is quite famous for the repetition of its scandals on a yearly basis. In 2016, the company was forced to withdraw one of its products from the market due to the references it drew to depression. They released a shampoo that year with a slogan each Shampoo for Suicidal Hair’. Known for other far stretched mistakes in the fashion and beauty industry, no one can expect this company to gain some knowledge from the previous mistakes it has committed. Some of the other mistakes that the brand came up with were releasing a sweatshirt with prints of blood stains and a T-Shirt with a quote saying at Less’.

Dolce & Gabbana

Initially infamous for the controversial comments that the brand made in regards of same sex families, 2016 has not been a great year for Dolce & Gabbana as well. While the summer collection launch by the company on the web was much anticipated, the customers have been totally shocked and bemused by the name they chose for one particular item. The product was a leather sandal with a lot of colorful embellishments and embedded pom poms. lave Shoe’ read the product label. D&G took rapid action to change the product name but did not utter a word on the topic.


With much criticism related to the issues of cheap labor already pertinent for Primark, the brand got stuck in another controversy in recent times. The controversy surrounded the type of clothing it makes for kids. Frustrated with the views of high heels for kids as minor as 8 years old and uture Wag’ T-shirt for kids, Mumsnet – the online network of parenting has launched a campaign named et Girls Be Girls’. This made the Consortium of British retailers to review the guidelines of best practices.

3 Ways To Obtain a Younger Looking Facial Skin

The first thing that people often notice about each other when they meet is the face. It is therefore important to note that one’s face always gives the first impression. In light of this, you should always put your best face forward. Whether we like it or not, everyone ages with time and the skin loses its suppleness and radiance.

Thanks to the evolving beauty industry, there are numerous cosmetic procedures as well as supplements that can help to restore our youthful looks. However, these can be very costly to the average person who does not have the kind of resources that are demanded. The good news is that there are multiple ways to keep your face looking young without having to spend a fortune.

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking eight glasses of water daily will keep your skin hydrated as well as improve the circulation of oxygen and blood in your body. Moreover, water also encourages the development of new skin and enhances the removal of toxins in the body.

2. Exercise daily

It is a well-known fact that exercise keeps you healthy and happy. When you exercise, blood and oxygen circulation are enhanced allowing the body to be renewed. With proper circulation of blood and oxygen, the body is able to perform optimally.

Aside from exercising the body, facial exercises can be done since they are just like other body muscles. These exercises are easy to do but in order to enjoy long-term benefits, they should be done rigorously. Facial exercises are best done after washing the face or after taking a bath. This is when your skin is most hydrated, relaxed as well as soft.

· Apply jojoba oil or facial lotion on your palms and start massaging from your forehead to your temples in a circular motion, both in the upper and lower parts. Do this twice.

· Next, using your three middle fingers from both hands, massage from your temples up to the scalp in a circular motion three times.

· Next, massage your nose bridge three times using your index and middle fingers.

· Finally, sweep your forehead to the opposite direction using your right and left hand alternately three times too.

Doing these exercises daily will give you a younger looking skin that most people desire, says Rainbow, owner of Xtreme Lashes

3. Cleanse, tone and exfoliate your skin regularly

Investing in a good cleanser will ensure that excess dirt and oil that clog pores are removed. These are what cause blemishes, acne, and a dull skin. Always use warm water to cleanse as hot water can damage your skin. On the other hand, cold water will not allow your pores to open up to extract dirt and oil.

After cleansing, you may or may not use a toner. For those who have oily skin, a toner is helpful in getting rid of excess oil but that does not mean you use it daily. Exfoliation is a very significant step in your beauty regimen as it gets rid of dead skin cells allowing the skin to regenerate itself.

Trendy Fashion and Popular Brands

Have you ever wondered what’s in store for the teenagers and young adults in terms of fashionable brands and latest clothing trends in this Millennial Generation? Top-selling brands are usually your number one source of fashionable information in order to be updated with the latest trend for the season. Whether you are eyeing for the chicest dress in town or simply moving on with a smart, yet elegant gown for a party, it is better to stay ahead with the fashion.


Here are some well-known brands that are still the options for most millennials:

Victoria’s Secret PINK

Victoria’s Secret’s sister brand, PINK has become a fashion commodity among college students for its teen-specific line of clothing such as tee shirts, leggings, sweatpants, accessories and underclothing. PINK is active in social media, especially on Instagram, hiring Instagram-famous models to carry out the brand.

American Eagle Outfitters

You usually find American Eagle Outfitters at malls, and you often see the clothing classic and casual. That is because the brand is living the idea of providing modern apparel to teenagers who prefer a classical yet stylish taste.

Forever 21

Teenagers and young adults who sparkle over with the trendiest fashion statements in the market, often visit Forever 21 because of its goal to maintain youth of 21 among women. The prices are affordable, which can be a reason why millennials spend their cash with chic clothes.


The brand Aeropostale may not be that popular among teenagers, but it is a definite choice among adults aged 20 and above because of its classic, yet trendy look. However, due to the fast-pace of fashionable clothes in the market, most people are moving away from the classical logos.


Located in Paris, France, Chanel is a luxury brand, whose clothing is outlandish and elaborate. Chanel is considered to be a high-end fashion that targets consumers from high society. Known celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevinge are among Chanel’s endorsers.


Nike’s prominent Jordan-brand sneakers are among the most coveted shoes in the world of sports, and they are worth millions of dollars in the market. Sports enthusiasts most likely purchase collectible footwear on Amazon and on eBay.


Known for its colorful, lively floral dresses, Target has been collaborating with designers in order to revamp its clothing line for the millennials’ taste. Target has been famed for its “cheap chic” idea because of its affordable, yet elegant dresses.


No matter what brand you keep on looking, the most important thing is to choose clothes that are in the trend or that are in the season. For example, a small black dress never goes out of style in any occasion because it is considered classical and elegant at the same time.

Nowadays, if you are going to shop for fashionable statements, make sure you go for the following:

V-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater is a choice for you if the hot weather has dwindled. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, but it also remains fashionable with its V-Neck style.

High Waist Leggings have been prominent nowadays because of its versatility in design. There are numerous designs that you can choose from, especially from H&M. Its design for the high waist leggings are not limited to the common stripes and spots, but it expands to simple pictures of cute dogs, cats, phrases and quotes and even abstract.

Varsity dress is a combination of a vintage tennis uniform and a lace-trimmed frock, which leaves you with a plunging neckline and with a slim look.

Army Jacket can be your lifesaver when you are feeling a bit chilly with its thick and rugged clothing. Not only does it provide warmth, but it also gives you a militaristic look.

What under the radar fashion brands are making noise right now?

Fashion is one of the most dynamic industries in our society today. People love to wear their best and invest in their physical look from the workplace, to vacations outfit of the day, and even just in an everyday casual look. The endless change of styles being open for innovation by designers worldwide, and chosen preferences of the iconic celebrities determines the fashion trends today. This 2018, here is a list of the fashion brands that are to be trending, and we will definitely look out for:

Oscar de la Renta

This debut collection Oscar de la Renta was presented by Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim at the New York Fashion Week last February 13. From a wide array of wardrobe to choose from, to earrings, bracelets, and to its most famous bridal gowns, Oscar de la Renta continues to rise up as its founder’s legacy brand.

Recent Business of Fashion reports that this coming fall, Monse and Oscar de la Renta will be presented together in consecutive runway shows without a break. This is a departure from the traditional touch of its founder, and a break for its modernity.

Kate Spade

Rumors last 2016 remarked that Kate Spade & Co. might venture for a sale. Latest reports, on the other hand, tell that the brand is planning to have a formal auction “with interest maybe from six bidders.” In the past year, it successfully expanded its “Missadventure”series. It continues to diversify its products from only having luxury handbags to becoming a full-blown lifestyle fashion brand.

Nasty Gal

Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal shocked the fashion industry when in November 2016, would leave the company after stepping down from her CEO position. The company is rumored to also declare its bankruptcy. Furthermore, it has been heard the Boohoo, a U.K. based company is expected to acquire Nasty Gal for $20 million This would mean a great expansion and saving of the L.A retailer of its sought-after brand. However, will its cool theme still be in tune with the fashion world despite the loss of its Amoruso, and the original Nasty Gal?


Boohoo is a rising company this year. As other competitor’s share depreciates, Boohoo continues to increase its shares for 260% which is far better beyond the rest! Due to Nasty Gal’s acquisition by Boohoo, offer that the Manchester, England-based retailer will take U.S expansion as an endeavor to achieve. Bloomberg even speculates if Boohoo could even be the next Zara in this fashion industry.

American Apparel and Gildan Activewear

American Apparel suffers similar issue of bankruptcy as with Nasty Gal. Soon after declaring twice its risk of bankruptcy, this company will be acquired by Gildan Activewear Inc., a Canadian company. Both fashion trends focuses on the basics and screen-printings, but there no news yet how will Gildan affect the other. Their merging of influences would be very interesting to look forward.

Brock Collection

This is a women-luxury line released last 2013, a now has became a favorite worldwide. All the more, an expected growth of this profile amongst fashion enthusiast is very much anticipated. This Brock collection is collaboration the husband and wife efforts of Laura Vassar, and Kristopher Brock who luckily won the $400,000 2016 Vogue Fashion Fund.

These are just some of the many evolving fashion brands. Get updated of what is new and latest of the fanciest good-buys from the global arena of fashion. Let us


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The 5 Most Popular PC Gaming Accessories In 2018

We know the popularity that gaming has gained in our daily lives. Playing games on your PC has the best experience ever. The popularity of the game these days requires that you have the most modern PC gaming gear. Are you looking for the best gaming gears in the market today? You need to look no further because the solution to your search is available. Now you need to upgrade for the better gaming gear in order to increase entertainment. Here is list of some of your favorite gaming gears that will beef up your gaming;

Razer Hydra

This is one of the best ways to kick off your PC game. It gives three dimensions of the game. This device gives the experience of taking you deeper in the game. Razer Hydra stands to be the record holder of first motion-sensing for your PC game. The ultra-low latency gives it the every move a different look. It gives you the experience of three dimensions. This will give you the best experience in playing your game.

Thermaltake E-Sports Level 10m Gaming Mouse

When it comes to a mouse for your PC game there are a lot of them out there. From the available options in the market, we offer you an opportunity to have an experience. Get to the shop and have an experience of this mouse from Thermaltake. It has the ability to adjust both the angle and height so that you feel right. This mouse has the ability to keep your palm dry. It has the air-through ventilation system. It has an aluminum base for long life and enough stability when gaming. It has the 3D steering for customizing the angle.

Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard goes hand in hand with a mouse. So if you are willing to use a mouse for your game then you must also use a keyboard. This keyboard has with it mechanical keys that are responsible for improving the speed. It also has the clicky-clacky sounds that accompany you when you click on the keyboard. With it also have the backlight of the keyboard that adds the beauty to your desktop.

Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

Razer Nostromo is also available for you. You need to check this device as well. It is very easy to use customizing all the available buttons with all your game tastes. It is also easy in connection since it connects to your PC using an USB 2.0 port. The buttons are able to give a very quick response.

There are other very cool gadgets like Wireless Bluetooth Speakers which are excellent for the PC and can make your gaming experience even better!

Oculus Rift’s

Whether you have experienced the game or you are going for the first time. With Oculus Rift’s you will have the best experience ever. It is comfortable and beautiful since it possesses the technology that is most remarkable. This device also has the low-latency constellation tracking system.

Celebrity Hair-Style Trends 2018

It seems that when a celebrity changes their appearance in any way, the media, is likely to jump all over it. The same goes for men and women who love celebrity gossip and updates. Whether it’s copying the latest wardrobe trends, or the diet fads, celebrities are scrutinized for every move they make. So, what are the latest hairstyle trends which celebrities have worn, that the everyday fashionista also wants to try out? These are some hairstyles which are making a comeback, thanks to the celebrity counterpart who’s currently wearing the style.

Who doesn’t love Rhianna? The fashionista is not only known for her music, great looks and designer styles, but every move she makes, is instantly viewed and commented on, by millions of followers. The latest trend this trendsetter brought back is the Bob-cut. Her new, layered, 90s-inspired hairdo has celebrity gossip magazines, teens, and women in their twenties and thirties, looking to jump ship and step back into the 90s with her. Although she’s often a fan of wigs and extensions, this new hairdo is perfectly suited for the popular singer and actress.

Selena Gomez has often been viewed as a trendsetter for the younger demographics. Women in their late teens, to mid-twenties and early-thirties, love her quirky styles. Her recent hairstyle has also been a popular point of discussion. Selena recently dawned a new look early in February of this year, featuring short bangs, with long hair-extensions. She also went back to her natural brown color, showcasing the side-swept bangs during a Coach Fall Fashion show.

Another proponent of the side bangs hairstyle is Sex and the City Alum, Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s always been a well-known figure as Carey Bradshaw from the popular TV show and film industry, and her recently debuted side bangs hairstyle, has been making waves in the public eye as well. Introducing her new look in February of this year, the popular fashionista didn’t disappoint when she stepped out with her bright blonde highlights and new hairdo, in New York City of course.

The Kardashian clan is also known for making a buzz with their fashion choices. Kim Kardashian recently stepped into the headlines and limelight (once again) with her new hairdo. She went from an extremely long hairdo, to an elegant Blunt Bob. The short hairdo perfectly accentuates her facial features. Although she shortly tweeted that she missed her long hair only a day after the cut, fans and critics alike seem to have positive, rave reviews about her new appearance.

Mila Kunis is yet another fan-favorite when it comes to popular hairstyles and hairdos. Since her early days on the popular show, That 70s Show, she’s been a recognizable figure, well-known for her flashy outfits and great hair. “We really love what she’s done with her appearance, and we look forward to employing some of her hair styles over the years for our clients who feel adventurous”. Her recent short hair, with choppy bangs for her latest film, The Spy Who Dumped Me, is being highly praised by fashionistas, gurus, and fashion magazines alike. When she showed up at the Fashion Billboard Music Awards with the cut hairdo, fans and stylists alike took to social media outlets to let her know they loved the new look.

Hair styles and trends seem to come and go as each day passes. With celebrities trying new styles on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up with the trends. These are a few of the latest hairstyles which have stood out, by some of the most popular fashionistas in the industry, early in 2018.