3 Ways To Obtain a Younger Looking Facial Skin

The first thing that people often notice about each other when they meet is the face. It is therefore important to note that one’s face always gives the first impression. In light of this, you should always put your best face forward. Whether we like it or not, everyone ages with time and the skin loses its suppleness and radiance.

Thanks to the evolving beauty industry, there are numerous cosmetic procedures as well as supplements that can help to restore our youthful looks. However, these can be very costly to the average person who does not have the kind of resources that are demanded. The good news is that there are multiple ways to keep your face looking young without having to spend a fortune.

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking eight glasses of water daily will keep your skin hydrated as well as improve the circulation of oxygen and blood in your body. Moreover, water also encourages the development of new skin and enhances the removal of toxins in the body.

2. Exercise daily

It is a well-known fact that exercise keeps you healthy and happy. When you exercise, blood and oxygen circulation are enhanced allowing the body to be renewed. With proper circulation of blood and oxygen, the body is able to perform optimally.

Aside from exercising the body, facial exercises can be done since they are just like other body muscles. These exercises are easy to do but in order to enjoy long-term benefits, they should be done rigorously. Facial exercises are best done after washing the face or after taking a bath. This is when your skin is most hydrated, relaxed as well as soft.

· Apply jojoba oil or facial lotion on your palms and start massaging from your forehead to your temples in a circular motion, both in the upper and lower parts. Do this twice.

· Next, using your three middle fingers from both hands, massage from your temples up to the scalp in a circular motion three times.

· Next, massage your nose bridge three times using your index and middle fingers.

· Finally, sweep your forehead to the opposite direction using your right and left hand alternately three times too.

Doing these exercises daily will give you a younger looking skin that most people desire, says Rainbow, owner of Xtreme Lashes

3. Cleanse, tone and exfoliate your skin regularly

Investing in a good cleanser will ensure that excess dirt and oil that clog pores are removed. These are what cause blemishes, acne, and a dull skin. Always use warm water to cleanse as hot water can damage your skin. On the other hand, cold water will not allow your pores to open up to extract dirt and oil.

After cleansing, you may or may not use a toner. For those who have oily skin, a toner is helpful in getting rid of excess oil but that does not mean you use it daily. Exfoliation is a very significant step in your beauty regimen as it gets rid of dead skin cells allowing the skin to regenerate itself.