5 times that the fashion or beauty industry went too far

Brands from the fashion and beauty industry have been modestly known for varying controversies. It is not clear if the decisions come extensively from poor judgment or are created intentionally to create hype for their brand and products by introducing a “shock factor”. Whatever may it be, they often go beyond the limits. Let us look through a few examples when the fashion industry went too far to get an edgy product publicized and generate huge sales, but met failure in doing so.


This brand is pretty well known for the clothing ranges it brings out based on designs inspired by professionals. But it was in 2014 that Zara overdid something. They brought in an outfit that they claimed to be supposedly inspired by the Sheriff designed with a yellow star and horizontal stripes on it. The issues turned hot particularly for a children’s top that reminded of a garment that the Jews wore during holocaust to a great extent. The company took immediate steps to remove the product from the catalogue and even appealed for public apologies.

Forever 21

This American brand has triggered the fire among the customers with a controversial slogan bandwagon. It may be trial to keep up the pace with the hipsters, but that is no excuse that the market will accept. Forever 21 brought in a T-shirt for men that were emblazoned with a phrase convicted with undertones of rape justification. on’t Say Maybe If You Want to Say No’ read the quote on the T-shirt and it was welcomes with quite an outrage. But it was not surprise. Forced by the complaints of the customers, the company had to pull the T-shirt back from the website.

Urban Outfitters

This brand is quite famous for the repetition of its scandals on a yearly basis. In 2016, the company was forced to withdraw one of its products from the market due to the references it drew to depression. They released a shampoo that year with a slogan each Shampoo for Suicidal Hair’. Known for other far stretched mistakes in the fashion and beauty industry, no one can expect this company to gain some knowledge from the previous mistakes it has committed. Some of the other mistakes that the brand came up with were releasing a sweatshirt with prints of blood stains and a T-Shirt with a quote saying at Less’.

Dolce & Gabbana

Initially infamous for the controversial comments that the brand made in regards of same sex families, 2016 has not been a great year for Dolce & Gabbana as well. While the summer collection launch by the company on the web was much anticipated, the customers have been totally shocked and bemused by the name they chose for one particular item. The product was a leather sandal with a lot of colorful embellishments and embedded pom poms. lave Shoe’ read the product label. D&G took rapid action to change the product name but did not utter a word on the topic.


With much criticism related to the issues of cheap labor already pertinent for Primark, the brand got stuck in another controversy in recent times. The controversy surrounded the type of clothing it makes for kids. Frustrated with the views of high heels for kids as minor as 8 years old and uture Wag’ T-shirt for kids, Mumsnet – the online network of parenting has launched a campaign named et Girls Be Girls’. This made the Consortium of British retailers to review the guidelines of best practices.