Celebrity Hair-Style Trends 2018

It seems that when a celebrity changes their appearance in any way, the media, is likely to jump all over it. The same goes for men and women who love celebrity gossip and updates. Whether it’s copying the latest wardrobe trends, or the diet fads, celebrities are scrutinized for every move they make. So, what are the latest hairstyle trends which celebrities have worn, that the everyday fashionista also wants to try out? These are some hairstyles which are making a comeback, thanks to the celebrity counterpart who’s currently wearing the style.

Who doesn’t love Rhianna? The fashionista is not only known for her music, great looks and designer styles, but every move she makes, is instantly viewed and commented on, by millions of followers. The latest trend this trendsetter brought back is the Bob-cut. Her new, layered, 90s-inspired hairdo has celebrity gossip magazines, teens, and women in their twenties and thirties, looking to jump ship and step back into the 90s with her. Although she’s often a fan of wigs and extensions, this new hairdo is perfectly suited for the popular singer and actress.

Selena Gomez has often been viewed as a trendsetter for the younger demographics. Women in their late teens, to mid-twenties and early-thirties, love her quirky styles. Her recent hairstyle has also been a popular point of discussion. Selena recently dawned a new look early in February of this year, featuring short bangs, with long hair-extensions. She also went back to her natural brown color, showcasing the side-swept bangs during a Coach Fall Fashion show.

Another proponent of the side bangs hairstyle is Sex and the City Alum, Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s always been a well-known figure as Carey Bradshaw from the popular TV show and film industry, and her recently debuted side bangs hairstyle, has been making waves in the public eye as well. Introducing her new look in February of this year, the popular fashionista didn’t disappoint when she stepped out with her bright blonde highlights and new hairdo, in New York City of course.

The Kardashian clan is also known for making a buzz with their fashion choices. Kim Kardashian recently stepped into the headlines and limelight (once again) with her new hairdo. She went from an extremely long hairdo, to an elegant Blunt Bob. The short hairdo perfectly accentuates her facial features. Although she shortly tweeted that she missed her long hair only a day after the cut, fans and critics alike seem to have positive, rave reviews about her new appearance.

Mila Kunis is yet another fan-favorite when it comes to popular hairstyles and hairdos. Since her early days on the popular show, That 70s Show, she’s been a recognizable figure, well-known for her flashy outfits and great hair. “We really love what she’s done with her appearance, and we look forward to employing some of her hair styles over the years for our clients who feel adventurous”. Her recent short hair, with choppy bangs for her latest film, The Spy Who Dumped Me, is being highly praised by fashionistas, gurus, and fashion magazines alike. When she showed up at the Fashion Billboard Music Awards with the cut hairdo, fans and stylists alike took to social media outlets to let her know they loved the new look.

Hair styles and trends seem to come and go as each day passes. With celebrities trying new styles on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up with the trends. These are a few of the latest hairstyles which have stood out, by some of the most popular fashionistas in the industry, early in 2018.