3 New Clothing Fads For Winter

As each new season comes around, clothing stores are offering exciting new trends for people to enjoy and the colder months are no exception. Here we’ll discover upcoming trends that will be seen during winter and how you can integrate them into your wardrobe during the chilly months.

Fashion for winter is incredible because you are able to layer items easily. Neck warmers, leg warmers, and even gloves can turn from something you have to wear out of necessity to something you want to wear to create the perfect look.


Obviously, we all wear socks in winter to keep our feet warm, however, this trend is all about showing them off instead of hiding them under our pants. While your novelty socks should still be kept under wraps, the style of socks that are being shown off all over the country are from the old school days – knee highs in grays, navy, and black. To really add a touch of class, look for options with argyle patterns or even a simple stripe detail in a contrasting color.


While many of us turn to knee-high boots in winter, with the hot trend of socks in the mix this year, showing them off is quite important to be in with the fashion ‘in crowd’. Therefore, sporting a pair of oxford shoes in tan or black is key. If this style of shoe isn’t up your alley, then comfy loafers or flats in similar tones are equally as chic.

Feeling Bold

For those who are ultra fashion forward, the major trend is clashing colors and prints. Many big name designers have paved the way in Europe with this trend, yet these brave fashion choices can be hard to integrate onto the Australian streets without getting looked at by passers-by for all the wrong reasons.

Nonetheless, if you love a bit of color on the dark days of winter, choose scarves, hats, and gloves with bright colors or prints that can offer a trendsetting look, without breaking the bank or looking like your very own fashion faux pas.

Decadent Textiles

Imitation fur, leather, and velvet allow fashionistas the ability to add texture, stay on trend and stay super warm this winter. If you can’t quite afford a leather jacket with fur trim, look for more affordable items such as leather gloves, velvet sports coats and fur trim hooded jackets to stay on trend.

If you want to be able to put together a specific winter look, take into account what you already may own that you can use for the look. Use your shopping time wisely by having a good idea of what you are looking for, to begin with.Have a blast in your very own winter wonderland, inside or outside as you prefer.

Look your best and feel good about your winter looks this year. Instead of spending hours trolling the stores for these great fashion finds, jump on your computer and start searching through clothing stores. The simplicity with online shopping is the ability to compare all your winter options at once, and you can also get some great deals and save a lot of money.