Trendy Fashion and Popular Brands

Have you ever wondered what’s in store for the teenagers and young adults in terms of fashionable brands and latest clothing trends in this Millennial Generation? Top-selling brands are usually your number one source of fashionable information in order to be updated with the latest trend for the season. Whether you are eyeing for the chicest dress in town or simply moving on with a smart, yet elegant gown for a party, it is better to stay ahead with the fashion.


Here are some well-known brands that are still the options for most millennials:

Victoria’s Secret PINK

Victoria’s Secret’s sister brand, PINK has become a fashion commodity among college students for its teen-specific line of clothing such as tee shirts, leggings, sweatpants, accessories and underclothing. PINK is active in social media, especially on Instagram, hiring Instagram-famous models to carry out the brand.

American Eagle Outfitters

You usually find American Eagle Outfitters at malls, and you often see the clothing classic and casual. That is because the brand is living the idea of providing modern apparel to teenagers who prefer a classical yet stylish taste.

Forever 21

Teenagers and young adults who sparkle over with the trendiest fashion statements in the market, often visit Forever 21 because of its goal to maintain youth of 21 among women. The prices are affordable, which can be a reason why millennials spend their cash with chic clothes.


The brand Aeropostale may not be that popular among teenagers, but it is a definite choice among adults aged 20 and above because of its classic, yet trendy look. However, due to the fast-pace of fashionable clothes in the market, most people are moving away from the classical logos.


Located in Paris, France, Chanel is a luxury brand, whose clothing is outlandish and elaborate. Chanel is considered to be a high-end fashion that targets consumers from high society. Known celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevinge are among Chanel’s endorsers.


Nike’s prominent Jordan-brand sneakers are among the most coveted shoes in the world of sports, and they are worth millions of dollars in the market. Sports enthusiasts most likely purchase collectible footwear on Amazon and on eBay.


Known for its colorful, lively floral dresses, Target has been collaborating with designers in order to revamp its clothing line for the millennials’ taste. Target has been famed for its “cheap chic” idea because of its affordable, yet elegant dresses.


No matter what brand you keep on looking, the most important thing is to choose clothes that are in the trend or that are in the season. For example, a small black dress never goes out of style in any occasion because it is considered classical and elegant at the same time.

Nowadays, if you are going to shop for fashionable statements, make sure you go for the following:

V-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater is a choice for you if the hot weather has dwindled. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, but it also remains fashionable with its V-Neck style.

High Waist Leggings have been prominent nowadays because of its versatility in design. There are numerous designs that you can choose from, especially from H&M. Its design for the high waist leggings are not limited to the common stripes and spots, but it expands to simple pictures of cute dogs, cats, phrases and quotes and even abstract.

Varsity dress is a combination of a vintage tennis uniform and a lace-trimmed frock, which leaves you with a plunging neckline and with a slim look.

Army Jacket can be your lifesaver when you are feeling a bit chilly with its thick and rugged clothing. Not only does it provide warmth, but it also gives you a militaristic look.